Palermo La Luce Interior Door

Finish: Light Oak
SKU: AL200155-SW
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Palermo La Luce
Light Oak
80'';84'';92 1/2'';90'';96''
18'';24'';28'';30'';32'';36'';36'' (2x18'');48'' (2x24'');56'' (2x28'');60'' (2x30'');60'' (2x32'');64'' (2x32'');70'' (2x36'');72'' (2x36'');72'' (4x18'');96'' (4x24'');112'' (4x28'')
Image Palermo La Luce Interior Door, finish Light Oak


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All our doors are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a two-year period, effective on delivery to the distributor.

Your MIDWOOD DOORS door requires particular attention and specific care. Wood is a natural product, and your door could be subject to contraction and/or expansion when exposed to temperature and humidity fluctuations. For that reason, our warranty is conditional. The conditions are:

  • Doors must be stored face down in a well-ventilated area.
  • Doors cannot be slid against each other, as wood can easily mark before the sealer is adequately applied.
  • Doors must not be installed and/or stored on new construction sites before the gypsum/plaster/drywall and foundations/concrete floors are completely dry.
  • Avoid direct intense heat or systems for drying used in new constructions.
  • All six sides of the door must be treated (with paint, varnish or stain) within seven days of the purchase in order to avoid humidity absorption that could affect the wood.
  • Under no circumstances shall compensation be granted for installation, painting, staining or any other modifications done to the product.
  • Warping of 1/4’’ (6.4mm) or less for doors of 84” and shorter and 3/8” (9.5mm) or less for doors of 96” and shorter and variation of 1/16’’ (1.5mm) or less on width and/or height of the door is considered normal for wood products.
  • Variations of color and grain textures or differences of tint between components of the same door are not considered a manufacturing defect in natural wood products; nor is the fading due to exposure to the sun, heat, or frequent varnishing.
  • In conformity with the glass industry, an imperfection in the glass is only regarded as a defect if visible to the eye beyond the distance of 3’ (1 meter). Anything one might notice when standing closer to the product is not to be considered a defect.
  • All modifications done to the door by the customer that do not meet MIDWOOD DOORS standards will void the warranty.
  • Excluded from the warranty: damages caused during the finishing process (paint stain, varnish relief, darkened grains caused by staining, traces of sanding on the glass, abusive or inappropriate handling, accidental damage; paint deposits left on the glass after priming; hardware damage).
  • MIDWOOD DOORS’ responsibility is exclusively limited to the market value of the delivered product. Under no circumstances will it exceed the original purchased value.
  • MIDWOOD DOORS reserves the right to choose between repairing or replacing the defective product. The replacement of defective parts applies only to MIDWOOD DOORS components and excludes installation and finishing fees attached (transport, labor, equipment, etc.).

No other warranty, written or verbal, will be held valid.

Any non-compliance with the handling and care instructions, storing guidelines, finishing and installing guidelines will cancel the warranty.


Midwood Doors ships its products anywhere in the United States and Canada (the customer is responsible for filling out customs form for shipments to Canada).

The turnaround time may vary, though not by much, and not very often. Your satisfaction is highly important to us. That said, we at Midwood Doors are not responsible for delays caused by issues that are beyond our control.

We are currently unable to ship to APO, FPO or PO boxes. For your order to be processed, we absolutely must have a valid street address.

Should you give us the wrong delivery address by mistake, please contact us within 12 hours of placing your order. Should the product be shipped out to the wrong address after that, the buyer will have to take responsibility for any additional shipping charges.

Our doors are shipped via freight ground services. All shipments are insured by the carrier.

Prior to making the delivery, someone from the freight company will contact you to schedule a drop-off day and time that is the most convenient for you. Please make sure someone is there at the appointed time to receive, and sign for, the delivery. Failure to do so may result in re-delivery charges for which you will have to take full responsibility.

All shipments are made as a matter of course to the back of the truck only. Lift gate services, indoor delivery and white glove services are optional. Should you require such services, you must inform us ahead of time (the appropriate charges will apply).

Drivers are not required to assist in removing of the product from the truck, but they often do so because they’re good and helpful people. It would only be fair if you could reward their voluntary assistance with a tip. That said, doors are a heavy commodity requiring two or three physically fit persons to get them off the truck.

Midwood Doors is not responsible for any damages, personal injuries, or any other issue that may occur while the product is being unloaded from the truck and carried to an indoor space.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all aspects of the delivered product and point out any drawbacks or damages BEFORE signing the delivery company’s paperwork. Should the customer discover any damage to the product.

Should you discover damage to the product once it has arrived, please file a claim within 48 hours using this email:, with your order number in the subject line, and attach 3 (three) pictures of said damage. Please hurry, since we only have three to five business days to file a carrier claim and replace your product in a timely manner.

Should any items be missing, please make the appropriate note in the paperwork and notify us immediately, but DO NOT REFUSE the delivery. In order for us to send you the parts that are missing, we must have pictures, or detailed descriptions, of said parts.



Should the delivery driver refuse inspection, please make a note on the delivery receipt as follows:

  • and then sign the receipt.

We will be neither liable nor responsible for any replacements UNLESS these terms are followed to the letter.

We at Midwood Doors deal with the shipping and delivery companies directly. You, our customer, DO NOT HAVE TO pay anything to any of the persons performing the delivery. Any and all such payments made by the customer to the carrier company or its representatives for any additional or existing services will be made at your discretion.


Should you need to cancel an order, please do so within 12 hours of placing it. For cancellation beyond the 12-hour mark, a 10% cancellation fee will have to be collected.


Should you find yourself dissatisfied with the product in any way, please contact us to arrange for an exchange or refund.

All returns must be authorized by Midwood Doors in writing. The customer understands that for door slabs orders there exists a restocking charge equal to 25% of the original invoice price; as well as a restocking charge equal to 50% of the original price for any pre-hung or special-order door (unless the item is marked as non-refundable).

Customers wishing to return an undamaged item must pay return shipping fees.

All returns must be packed and/or wrapped in a manner comparable to the one in which they were delivered. Should the product arrive back damaged, Midwood Doors reserves the right not to compensate the customer: neither fully nor partially.

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